Hello and welcome to this sad and overcritical corner of the Internet. I'll be your guide on the wonderful journey that is The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan's answer to the question "My god, are you still working on that book? That like five hundred pages! What's wrong with you?!" Swords! Sorcery! A jumble of seemingly random religions and mythologies! A circular timeframe only not really! These books have it all, and then another two thousand pages of filler if that's your thing! The Wheel of Time is not as bad as most books up for sporking, at least not by the second book. But it does have a fair few wallbangers, and it might be an interesting change to have a merely indifferent book on here to break up the atrocities. Don't expect any kind of regularity out of these posts; between college, a dizzyingly unsuccessful music career, and working on my own book, I can scrape together maybe an hour a day, and each of these chapters could fill half of a regular book.

The Wheel of TimeEdit

By Robert JordanEdit

  1. The Eye of the World

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