The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner- The story of a minor character from the Twilight Saga who no one cares to remember. (On-going)

Midnight Sun- A sporking of the leaked draft portion by Stephenie Meyer. (On-going)

Hermione's New Change- An epic fanfic in which Hermione a.k.a. Nutty Nancy becomes a vampire and makes sweet love to her cousin Draco. (On hold because the fic was removed)

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer- The epic romance of two angsty teens, brats, overly cliche pick-up lines, and creepy stalkers! (currently on hold because I had to sell the books for money).

Cry of the Icemark by Stewart Hill- The epic story of the epic Xena knock-off and her deus ex machina! (On-going)

HoN: Marked by P.C. Cast-- And you thought Twilight was bad...

My Inner Life by LinksQueen-- My Immortal has nothing on this frightening thing.

To Do List:

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer- The epic sequal to the angsty epic romance!

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer- The third book in the epic angst fest!

Blade of Fire by Stewart Hill- The story about the son of Xena and his spechul powers!