Chapter Flight of Destiny. ooooh

Characters Eragon, Saphira

Shiny Magical Objects in Eragon's possession well... he's got the dragon between his legs. >>

Summary Edit

In our previous chapter Eragon was sent running home because of the mysterious strangers. He has to tell Garrow about them and the fact that they want the egg/stone/thingie. He decides, perhaps rightly, that he needs to tell Garrow about Saphira. He sees Garrow and then decides that he needs Saphira to prove what he is saying is true. Now, if Eragon, back when Saphria hatched, had told Garrow about her, then he wouldn't have this problem. And Garrow would see the need to protect her, after all he would have had a vested emotional interest in her. But now, he'll just see her has a potentially dangerous creature that's a threat to his family. Putting that aside, instead of taking Garrow to meet Saphria by saying something like, "I need to show you something." He goes and gets Saphira first. Which allows for the dragon to panic.

Now we get a look at the dragon's special abilities. Somehow Saphira knows that these two people who are just described as dressed in black with humps, nothing too identifying, really, are "Enemies, murderers, egg destroyers". How does she know this? Do dragons have some sort of hive memory? Does every dragon know what other dragons know? If so, how come she had to learn how to talk? And then wouldn't she be known by Galby's dragon and be in contact with him? If they don't have a hive memory how does she know this? She hasn't been in contact with any dragons her entire life. There is no way for her to know this. And there is no explanation given. We're just supposed to accept the fact that she does know this and is panicking about it.

Her panic drives her to up and fly off with Eragon on a high speed flight. Somehow, without a saddle or straps, Eragon doesn't fall off nor, despite the height that Saphira flies, does he freeze to death. To use a relative example, we look at the Dragonrider's of Pern. The only mentioned time of a flight unassisted by riding straps is the first dragon flight and he almost fell off on their short flight. It was, perhaps, a ten minute flight at most. It was a very leisurely flight and not at all that fast. Eragon and Saphira were flying for hours and he stays on in freezing cold buffeting winds. He should have fallen off and died horribly and messily after a while. Alas, we are not treated to that.

Instead we're treated to this delightful bit of dragonic wisdom, "Death is a poison." Which is what Saphira uses as an explanation for why she flew off. I'm sure it's supposed to be deep and meaningful, but, like Garrow's advice, it's trite, kinda stupid, and obvious.

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