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This site is a collection of Kippur's analysis of bad books from Eragon to Twilight and others in between. It used to be on

The Books[]

Inheritance Cycle
Eragon Sporkings Touching Spirit Bear
Eldest Sporkings The Fifth Sorceress
Brisingr Sporkings The DaVinci Code
Inheritance Sporkings Dansce Macabra

The Epistles[]

Through great pain and suffering, trials and tribulations beyond measure, losing much sanity, sleep and socks I have managed to procure the famed Epistles long thought lost to the internet.

Originally written when Eragon came out, they were some of the first detailed examinations of what made Eragon so bad. They also were partial inspiration for my own work and in one or two cases used as references.

The Epistles
Epistle the First Epistle the Second Epistle the Third Epistle the Fourth Epistle the Fifth
Epistle the Sixth Epistle the Seventh Epistle the Eighth Epistle the Ninth Epistle the Tenth

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