Chapter Daret

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Short one tonight.

Brom and Eragon ride into the town/village/thingie of Daret and unlike the last one, are accosted by live people! These people's great plan for protecting their thingie is to allow people into the center of town and then trapping them. Personally, I would try to keep them out of town in the first place... but yes. And apparently there's only one way out of town, at least from the way it's described because it sounds like the carts only block one way. They are then asked, once they're in the town, what do they want in town. The sort of question you would ask before you let the people into your town. Yes. You do not let the people who might be dangerous into your town and then ask what they want. You keep them OUT of the town and then ask them.

The guy who planed this all is named Trevor. He's swarthy and has a broadsword. I think the thingie should have gotten better help. Brom manages to convince him that they aren't bandits or causing any harm and that they just want supplies. Trevor agrees to this and gets them supplies. I'm hoping some of it includes food supplies, but it's not said.

News is exchanged. Trevor is all "OHMIGAWD URGALS!" And Brom is, "O RLY?" And Trevor is, "YA RLY AND THE KING ISN'T STOPPING THEM" And Brom is "NO WAI!" Trevor is like, "YA WHY ISN'T HE?" And Kippur is like, "Cause he's in league with them?" And Brom is like "HRMMM..."

After they leave Daret Brom and Eragon talk about what Eragon could have done to see that they were safe. Which was basically reading people's minds. And Eragon's "I can do that?" And Brom is like "Yes, of course, You can read dragons and animals, of course you can read humans. There's nothing you can't do!" Well he doesn't say the last bit, but you get what I'm saying. And then he cautions him never to do it unless he absolutely utterly has to.

Saphira then throws a snit fit and demands that Eragon ride her the next day. She's very abusive about this, knocking him down and pinning him to the ground. He, of course, agrees. Of course anyone would agree to anything if they were pinned by a dragon. I'm just saying.

Finally, Brom and Eragon do their nightly stick fight and Eragon breaks his stick with a heavy blow. I shall let your minds wander down hill for a moment on that sentence. So Brom decides to bring out the real toys. I mean swords. He puts a spell on them that dulls their edges and they spar and there is lots of bruising and Brom really likes beating on Eragon with sticks.

And that's it really.

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