Eragon Fan Fiction!Edit

The Meat SeriesEdit

Rider From Afar:Edit

A crossover between Eragon and my own Original Series

The Tables TurnedEdit

A look at how I think the Inheritance Series should end. AU

Eragon's Little ProblemEdit

So why does Eragon's back hurt so much? A alternative theory.

Other Fan Fiction!Edit

Tristan Meets His MatchEdit

The annoying hero of the Fifth Sorceress dies.

Hostile Take OverEdit

An Anita Blake story where she encounters a different kind of vampire court. Based on a Role Play that got way out of hand.

Orion, Lan, Maddy and Kev belong to a friend of my who is letting me borrow them. Alec, Trever and Kale are mine.

Swiftly Moving Storm

In response to the idiocy in chapter 43 of Anita Blake, I've come up with my own reasonable response.(Takes place in the same 'verse as Hostile Take Over.)