"I shall no longer partake in meat," Eragon said to Saphira as he looked disgustedly at the bared flesh before him. How could he ever think about taking part in meat? Every touching it, enjoying it? It was disgusting.

Saphira craned her neck down to look at Eragon. How can you no longer enjoy meat? Long have you enjoyed it. Long have we shared it. Are you going to deny yourself this pleasure?

"How can I enjoy the pleasure of meat? The smell is disgusting, the touch is wrong and revolts me. The elves were right. It's plants that are the proper things to be consumed."

Plants? You just were crying how disgusted you were with plants. How you didn't find the plants that Oromis forced upon you was as satisfying as meat. It wasn't as filling. And now that you have finally gotten a chance to have meat, you reject it. Perhaps it is your neglect of the meat that has given you this idea.

Eragon shook his head, wondering how he could enpart to Saphira the importance of his decision not to enjoy meat any more. It was a difficult decision for him to make, but now, after expanding his awareness, he realized that it was wrong to partake in the pleasures of the flesh. "I'm sorry, Saphira, I don't know how to make you understand that I just can't do it any more."

She snorted at him, Eating meat is a perfectly natural thing for you to partake in. Every human partakes in meat. You yourself have partaken in meat all your life. You cannot just give it up arbitrarily, it goes against your nature.

"I'm not denying that, but after this, I just can't. Meat is no longer for me. I'll just have to deal with plants."

I shall miss enjoying meat with you, little one.

"And I shall miss it with you."

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