Title: Rider from Afar.
Characters: Eragon, Saphira, Alec and Verra Rose Troven
Rating: Nothing to terrible yet.
Disclaimer Blah blah, Eragon not mine, Alec and Verra mine.

On his blue dragon, Saphira, Eragon flew up above the hidden valley of the dwarves. He reveled in the joy of flying with his dragon. The freedom that it bestowed. They had just finished fighting off Evil and now he had a few minutes to himself which he was spending with Saphria. As they flew, something darkened the sky. Looking up, Eragon saw another dragonic shape in the sky. The dragon’s wingspan was massive; it was easily three times the size of Saphira. It was so high up that Eragon couldn’t tell if it the dragon had a rider or not. Watching, Eragon saw the dragon fold its wings and dive down towards the valley floor.

What –who – is that? Eragon asked Saphira.

I do not know. But let’s go find out! And Saphira dove down after the dragon, bronze colored, he could tell, so that meant that it couldn’t be the King. His dragon was black after all. The bronze dragon landed far away from the dwarf city. Coming closer Eragon could see that the dragon indeed had a rider. Could this be a long lost rider who missed the purge of the Riders? Perhaps they were off on a long forgotten mission and only now having returned.

He and Saphira landed a half a length away from the bronze dragon. It was even more massive than he saw before, easily the size of a two story house. The dragon closed its wings and looked down at Saphira and Eragon. He felt very small for a moment. But he shook it off. He was, after all Eragon, Shadeslayer. He was the savior of the Varden and a Rider.

Looking at the rider, he got a surprise; he appeared to be an elf. The rider had long pointed ears that stuck out of black hair and dark eyes. He wore armor and a sword was on his back. He looked battle worn, but striking. Just as Eragon appeared to be taking in the Rider, the Rider appeared to be taking him in.

Wondering who would break the silent staring, Saphira shuffled.

She will not speak with me.


The dragon, she will not speak with me.


I do not know.

Frowning Eragon got off Saphira and approached. The Rider did the same, dropping lightly off his mount. They walked towards each other, Eragon eyeing the elf excitedly at the prospect of meeting another rider. The elf’s face was passive and unreadable.

“Greetings!” he said, “I am Eragon, Shadeslayer, rider of Saphira.”

The Rider looked at him for a moment before saying, “I’m Alec, and this is Verra.”

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