A brief note on Chapter One

One of the things that is quickly evident here are the tactics that are used. In Antia's 'verse dominance and protocol are heavily enforced. Who kisses who and how. There is discussion on who is more important and how do you figure it out. Orion's court merely takes control. As soon as the twins take Anita's hand and shake it instead of giving the kiss, they're establishing dominance. They're saying this is how we're going to do it. From there it's all in their attitudes. Orion takes possession of the room and acts like a king. The twins are his mediators. Maddy, Kev and Lan provide distractions to keep Anita and Jean Claude off balance.

They never let the two of them take control and they never use their powers. All of it's done through subtlety and charm. Auggie right away tried to assert power over Anita by trying to "roll" her. Orion just takes the power by his presence. Samuel says, pretty much, I want you to fuck my kids." They've given up the game there.

The twins say they want to know about running a strip club, but that's a side business. Something that doesn't have to do with their main motives for being there. Anita and Jean-Claude still don't know what they want. If they want anything.

And I'm going to shut up now.

Hostile Takeover
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